Kjelli – Tattoo artist
The old and grumpy one. You can see him smile now and then… to get him in a good mood we strongly recommend talking about sportsclimbing, guitars, wicked history and politics…
Main focus on japanese tattooing, but do all kinds of tattoos.
Been tattooing since 97

Kristina – Tattoo artist
A girl with strong opinions and a good sense of humor. ramble on about the strangest topics.Remember to never take pictures of her shiny forehead while tattooing you!!
Love  black and grey tattoos, and oldschool.. but will do almost anything. Talented and creative 🙂
Been tattooing since 2008

Alejo – Tattoo artist

Helge – Piercer / Shop Manager
Solid Tattoo`s big boss.. even though hes quite small.
He takes care of the shop, selling, booking and piercing… the man to talk to if you want anything done in our studio!
Been piercing since before you were born.


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Meditations in Atrament - Tattooing, Ephemera, and Fine Art by Thomas Hooper

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